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I'm Ren, of planet Deltaron, I have a dragon and a cat! I'm an alien to this world, I've only been a pony for a year now.

Ren looks different in each of my posts lol but that’s probably because i don’t even rough sketch anymore, i just draw the thing, ya dig


Oh these? Actually I invented these a long time ago. They help me monitor a lot of things in the lab. I have a bunch of special types but the green ones are for general purpose, so I have them on most the time. I’m also blind as a bat without them. 

Ren: My eyes can change too, but I do that with illusion magic. The purple eyes I have at the moment aren’t my real colour. Actually, no, they’re not even my actual eye shape!

look at this. havent even been on this blog in the last 3 days yet still, followers????? you guys gotta calm down lol

Ren: Now we wait ‘till May!

i just wanted to draw Ren, i did not ask for this bishie-ness to happen

i blame Raiden

Animate Ren dancing to this song:… 3 hours… Why do I do this to myself?

hoooooo boy…


Have fun and be safe!


i’m open

By the way have you seen any space time or dimensional travelers? It is kinda our job to eat any time or universal paradoxes! Skree~

[[i like to draw Squishy it is fun *^*]]

Yuta: Quick hide me! The Time Police is here, they are looking for any space, time or dimesional travelers!

Ren: I’m all three of those things!

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